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Telling Our Stories: Niroshan's Story

Niroshan Subramaniam is a Lime Connect Ambassador in Canada and a software sales leader at Lime Connect partner, IBM Canada. Check out his story.

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Telling Our Stories: Scott's Story

Scott Sandell is Managing General Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and a special advisor for Lime Connect. Check out his story.

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Gabriel's Story

Telling Our Stories: Gabriel's Story

Steven's Story

Telling Our Stories: Steven's Story

Michael's Story

Telling Our Stories: Michael's Story

Chanel's Story

Telling Our Stories: Chanel's Story

Niroshan's Story

Telling Our Stories: Niroshan's Story

Galym's Story

Telling Our Stories: Galym's Story

Scott's Story

Telling Our Stories: Scott's Story

Phaedra's Story

Telling Our Stories: Phaedra's Story

Julian's Story

Telling Our Stories: Julian's Story

Limelight Video Contest

Showcases how university students and professionals are rebranding disability through achievement.
Help us change the narrative by sharing your story of how you are living, working, and thriving as an individual who has a disability. We award $20,000 in cash prizes to the top stories!
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“The more people join in the Lime Network and share their voice, the more successful collectively we can all be in making sure our voices are heard, and that disabled individuals are accommodated and thought of when people think about recruiting. A lot of times, having a disability comes with different stigma around it, and the rebranding piece is getting rid of that stigma and offering a clean slate to pursue a career off of. Don’t hesitate to join! There’s no cost and knowing there was an organization like Lime, even as early as high school, would have further cemented that I could go to college and pursue a career in finance or computer science or business or anything.”
Julian S.
Lime Network member
Our Stories
Our Stories

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